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Guide users through your application

We tried various tools but we've always run into different problems which prevented us from setting up the onboarding tours the way we'd like. Product Fruits is technically advanced, easy to use and don't have limitations. This for us is key.

Petr Semrad Product Owner of Trivi


Guide users step by step, show dialogs and highlight elements.

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100% customizable
Add text, videos, GIFs, TypeForm surveys or whatever content you need
Multi-page enabled
Guide your users through complex multi-page features in a single tour
Dynamic URLs
Profile pages, project details and other dynamic URL content is supported
Localize all possible content to any language your application uses

Anyone can build tours

Powerful editor

Build and visualize tours directly in your app.

Preview immediately

See results of your work instantly.

Handle inputs
Guide users through text inputs, advance on text change
Refine card positions
Adjust tour card positioning so it suits your user's needs
Connect tours
Launch a tour from a different tour, create crossroads
Delay cards
Wait until animations are complete, handle dynamic content

Target tours by personas

Use your data to target users

Transfer data from your application to Product Fruits, use it for targeting different cohorts.

Display relevant content

Use segmentation for displaying different content to different user roles in your application.

Superb Features


See into users' behavior, optimize tours for the best performance.


Build and publish without the support of developers.

Preview & test

Test tours in preview mode before they go live.

Design & CSS

Adjust the design in the editor or use custom CSS styles.

WYSIWYG editor

Edit and preview content directly in your application.


Trigger tours automatically based on behavior or time schedule

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