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Publish product announcements and newsfeed in your application or website. Without any coding.

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Share important news & updates

Keep your users up-to-date with release notes, webinar invitations, maintenance outages etc. directly in your application

Power tip!

Schedule announcements beforehand. No need getting out of bed early in the morning just to turn on the maintenance banner.

Improve new feature adoption

Start new feature walkthrough from the announcement so your users can engage with it right away

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Keep users in the know via newsfeed

Notify users about new features, upcoming events and other updates in your application’s newsfeed

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Make all your announcements easily accessible

Users can access previous announcements from the current one or view the entire history from the Life Ring Button

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Show the right announcement to the right user

Target announcements to personas (beta testers, trialists, admins etc.), specific URLs and other conditions to make them relevant

Power tip!

Announce product updates to returning users only. New users don’t know what’s existing in your product.

In-product announcements for every use case


High impact notifications for big announcements such as new features

Banners & pop-ups

For messages that don't require immediate attention such as webinar invitations or promotions


In-app notification center to keep users informed about new features and upcoming events

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