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How we created onbording for a user onboarding app

Published 3/24/2023 by Daniel Musialek

Product Fruits is packed with powerful features. And like all feature-rich SaaS we were struggling to communicate product value during the few minutes when a new sign-up is evaluating our platform. See how we solved it.

Most Common User Onboarding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Published 2/15/2023 by Daniel Musialek

The onboarding process is one of the most critical parts of the customer journey. Let’s discuss the most common user onboarding mistakes and how to avoid them.

SaaS Best Practices: Make Your SaaS Company Grow!

Published 1/4/2023 by Daniel Musialek

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is the most agile and fastest-growing form of the software industry. Here are the best SaaS practices to help your business grow.

User onboarding for multi-language apps

Published 10/21/2022 by Daniel Musialek

If your app has multiple language versions make sure to select a user onboarding platform that supports locallized content. With Product Fruits, managing different language mutations is very simple. Here's how to do it.

Why you'd want to hire a user onboarding expert

Published 9/8/2022 by Daniel Musialek

Don't know where to start with user onboarding? Request help from one of our implementation partners!

Tailor onboarding content to users based on their actions

Published 8/10/2022 by Daniel Musialek

Custom events allow you to trigger onboarding flows in response to what a user did (or didn't do) in your application or on your web.

The other half of user onboarding: Email sequences

Published 7/11/2022 by Daniel Musialek

In-app onboarding flows and onboarding emails are like two sides of the same coin. They complement each other nicely and together deliver an effective onboarding experiecne.

Why we built the best-in-class debugger for product adoption flows

Published 6/2/2022 by Daniel Musialek

You created beautiful product tour for your app and tested it in the preview mode. Everything looks perfect. Except it doesn't show on the live site. Why?

How to filter users who completed onboarding checklist

Published 5/20/2022 by Daniel Musialek

You built a beautiful onboarding flow. Now you're curious which users completed onboarding checklist or viewed welcome tour.

Hints (aka tooltips): An underused power tool

Published 5/4/2022 by Karel Papik

Use hints is to provide contextual help, highlight new features and explain less intuitive UI elements.

Are users cancelling your tours?

Published 5/4/2022 by Karel Papik

You created beautiful product tours. But users are cancelling them. You look into the Product Fruits analytics and start to panic. Don't. Read this instead.

Hints and tours on dynamic URLs

Published 5/4/2022 by Karel Papik

How to make tours and hints work on dynamic URLs containing user IDs, project names or workspace identifiers.

How to handle staging vs. production

Published 5/3/2022 by Karel Papik

Best practice for launching user onboarding content is to create it in the editor, test & debug and then deploy to production for the world to see.

How to combine Tours and Hints

Published 5/3/2022 by Karel Papik

Create more engaging user onboarding flows by combining tours and hints in a seamless experience.

Where to start with user onboarding?

Published 5/3/2022 by Karel Papik

Creating user onboaring for the first time? See what our experts recommend and avoid the mistake that everyone usually makes.

How to use events for triggering personalized HubSpot workflows

Published 4/29/2022 by Daniel Musialek

Our HubSpot integration allows you to trigger personalized workflows as well as enrich contact's timeline with onboarding activity log.

Stop losing customers during your free trial - 10 ways to improve the boarding process

Published 3/28/2022 by Karel Papik

Users these days have zero patience (myself included) and it is important to actively help them use and understand your app, especially in the beginning. One very strong tool to support user engagement are Tours.

Create self-onboarding experiences with hints & tooltips

Published 2/10/2022 by Daniel Musialek

It's a fact of life - some users will always skip your beautiful onboarding tour and start exploring your app on their own. Let's see how you can leverage UI tooltips and hints to onboard them contextually.

How to use behavioral segments in product adoption campaigns

Published 1/14/2022 by Daniel Musialek

Two users sign up to your SaaS. The first one goes through all the steps of your onboarding tour, while the other skips it. Should you send them the same welcome email? Of course not! Learn how to use behavior-based segments to create tailored product adoption experiences.

8 necessary tools to increase your free trial conversions

Published 11/19/2021 by Karel Papik

There’s a moment in every company’s sales funnel where the fancy marketing content won’t be enough to drive the conversion, and you need to reveal your app and show what’s under the hood.

What video games taught me about customer experience for SaaS?

Published 9/14/2021 by Karel Papik

I would like to share with you a couple of tricks I have learned (sometimes in a hard way :) ) during my video games career and that you can successfully adopt to your Saas business to boost the trial conversion and user engagement.


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