by Ladislav Salom
Two users sign up to your SaaS. The first one goes through all the steps of your onboarding tour, while the other skips it. Should you send them the same welcome email? Of course not! Learn how to use behavior-based segments to create tailored product adoption experiences.

by Karel Papik
I have a long history of working in the video games industry. I worked as a designer, producer, CEO and founder of several game development companies. Games taught me a lot about customer experience and I'm happy that I can benefit from that know-how in Product Fruits now, where we focus on the customer experience, product adoption and user engagement. In this article I would like to share with you a couple of tricks I have learned (sometimes in a hard way :) ) during my video games career and that you can successfully adopt to your Saas business to boost the trial conversion and user engagement.

by Karel Papik
Users these days have zero patience (myself included) and it is important to actively help them use and understand your app, especially in the beginning. One very strong tool to support user engagement are Tours. I will gladly share my experience about what tours are and how they should look to help you increase conversions from free trial users to paying customers. Not only will you reduce your churn rate but also reduce your boarding costs and customer support costs.

by Karel Papik
Some people say their app does not have a free trial, so conversions to paying customers is not relevant to them. However, this is a misconception. Every app has a “free demo” regardless of whether it’s a free trial for a small app or a massive enterprise solution. There’s a moment in every company’s sales funnel where the fancy marketing content won’t be enough to drive the conversion, and you need to reveal your app and show what’s under the hood. The content that you’ll read in this blog post does not only revolve around conversions from free trials to paying users, but the expression free trial will be used as describing the “phase when users start using an app, but they don’t pay for it yet.”

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