NPS & in-app surveys

Collect NPS, measure satisfaction, and capture insights directly in your product. No coding required.

in product surveys

Bring customer voice to your decision making

Measure loyalty and satisfaction

Survey users directly from your app or website

Understand user behavior

Find out what users are thinking and why

Validate product ideas

Assess appeal of new ideas and collect beta tester feedback

Reduce churn

Discover why users churn and how to prevent it

Personalize in-app experiences

Collect information from users to tailor their product experience

in-app NPS survey

Capture NPS and other feedback in your app

Achieve significantly better response rates compared to email surveys.

Deploy in-app surveys in 15 mins or less

Our intuitive editor makes it easy to create surveys. No developer or designer is needed.

Customize your survey design

Pick the survey color to match your brand. Use custom CSS for advanced styling options.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey

Gain actionable insights. In real time.

Review responses in the analytics dashboard or push the data into your CRM to enrich existing customer profiles.

Powerful branching

Create different survey paths based on each users’ specific answers to questions. Tailor surveys to each respondent’s unique situation.


Display your survey to the right persona.
Only when it matters.

Powerful segmentation

Our build-in segmentation allows you to tailor in-app surveys to individual personas

In-product triggers

Use custom events to launch survey when the user performs a specific click or reaches a milestone

Behavioral triggers

Launch a survey on your site when a GA4 event occurs, such as checkout abandonment

Templates for most popular in-app surveys

Use pre-built templates to launch NPS, CSAT, welcome, and other surveys in minutes.

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