Product Tours

Guide users through your web application. Enhance onboarding process or show new features.

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Visual Feedback

Get visual feedback from your customers. Screenshots help you to identify problems.

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Easy to integrate changelog & news popup. Give your users a clue about what's new.

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Context Help

Help users to understand each feature. Decorate your application with right-in-app context help.

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What does Product Fruits give me?

More time

Spend less time on content-like features and focus on the main features of your web application. You will save lot of time for your developers.

Visual editor

As with any other content, product tours, changelogs and context help have to be managed. Use our editor and deploy changes in seconds.


Product Fruits gives you powerful insights. It is important to know how your users are interacting with the content you create.

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Two ways of integration

Integrate with your web application

Product Fruits easily integrates with any web application. Insert a code snippet, similar to Google Analytics, and then just continue in Product Fruits administration. Let your developers focus on features rather on building tours or news popups.

Employee onboarding with extensions

Use our Chrome and Firefox extension to integrate Product Fruits with any web application. Easily create employee onboarding or training. All our tools work in 3rd party applications with the browser extensions.

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