Hints, tooltips & hotspots

Provide contextual help, highlight new features and explain less intuitive UI elements. Without any coding.

In-app tooltips, hints and hotspots
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Show users how to do things directly in your product

Guide users step-by-step and help them achieve their goals as fast as possible.

Power tip!

Icons matter. While “i” and “?” are great for highlighting individual elements, numbers are best to indicate a sequence of steps.

Provide contextual help in your application or website

Reduce support tickets by making it easy for users to access tours, tutorials and support articles right where they need them.

Power tip!

Place tooltips on UI elements that generate high amounts of support queries.

Draw attention to new and underused features

Improve new feature adoption by nudging users to explore. Deploy hotspots on features only for users who have never engaged with them.

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Create contextual upsell experiences

Tooltips are perfect for introducing upsell touchpoints into product flows to make them feel like a part of the journey.

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No coding

Create hints, tooltips & hotspots without a developer

5-minute setup

Deploy our snippet via tag manager or test it with a Chrome extension

Hassle-free deployment

Build & QA on staging, deploy to production with few clicks

100% safe

We don’t interfere with your source code, nor alter UI or functionality

On brand

Style tooltips to make them look like an integral part of your software

Performance neutral

There’s no impact on your app’s loading or response times

GDPR compliant

We’re ISO certified. Our servers are located in the EU

Device agnostic

Works with any SaaS and web based app, regardless of user’s device

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