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1 500
Tours & guides
Onboarding checklist
Hints & tooltips
Life Ring Button
Feedback widget
Knowledge base
Basic integrations
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1 500
Everything in Core plus:
Custom events
Tours JS triggers
Advanced integrations
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Fair billing policy

We’re only charging for unique monthly active users. This means that a user logging to your product multiple times in any given month counts as one user. And if that user doesn’t log in the next month, we’re not counting them against your quota.

Unlike some other product adoption platforms we don’t charge you for additional seats, domains, languages or when you want to create multiple flows.

We have no setup, implementation or other hidden fees either.

Adoption tools
Tours & walkthroughs
UI hints & beacons
Onboarding checklists
up to 3
Life Ring Button
Knowledge base
Feedback widget
Adoption meter
User targeting
Custom attributes
Dynamic personalisation
Appearance frequency
Custom events
Tours JS triggers
Custom themes
Custom CSS
Multi-language (localization)
Live chat, phone, email
Success manager
Technical implementation manager
Mixpanel, Heap, Sessionstack
Google Analytics
Chat widgets (Intercom, Crisp, etc.)
Rest API
Custom integrations
Insights & analytics
Product Fruits branding removed
Custom contract

Data & privacy


We’re fully compliant with GDPR and ISO certified. Learn more

Servers location

Choose between EU-based and US-based. We have servers in both locations. Learn more

Privacy by design

We don’t collect any sensitive data about our customers’ users.

The power under the hood

Dynamic URLs

Profile pages, user IDs and other dynamic parameters are supported

Mobile friendly

Works with any web-based app regardless of user’s device

Easy element selection

Intuitive point-and-click widget or CSS selectors

Keyboard blocking

Disable escape key to prevent users from terminating flows by accident

Card delay

Great for animation-heavy apps that need to control the timing of cards

Multi-page enabled

Walk users through multi-page flows in a single tour

SPA compatible

Our tours work in Single Page Applications without any limitations

Guest users welcome

We automatically assign random user IDs to visitors prior to login

Wait for reload

If your app needs to reload a page before advancing a tour

Detached positioning

All tour cards can be positioned in the same place, even if the elements are not

Frequently asked questions

Does Product Fruits offer a free trial?

Yes, our 14 day trial offers full functionality. It’s free, no credit card is required.
Do I need a developer to get started?

No, you can test Product Fruits with our Chrome extension. You’ll only need a developer when you proceed with full integration using the JavaScript snippet. It’ll also be the last time when a developer will be needed.
What are the limitations using the Chrome extension?

It’s meant for quick testing, you’ll not be able to display anything to your users. Although you can access all the features some of them will not be working (such as segmentation or custom events) because you’ll not be sending any data from your app to Product Fruits.
How does billing by monthly active users work?

An active user means someone logging to your product in any given month. If the same user logs in multiple times, we count them as one active user. If you have a lot of guest users (ie. prior to log-in), reach out to us for a custom quote.
What if I exceed my plan’s user quota?

Product Fruits will work for all your users, including those above the quota. Our customer service will reach out and discuss a plan that would better suit your needs.
What payment options do you support?

We accept credit and debit cards. Invoicing is possible for enterprise-level customers.
What’s your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription any time in the billing section of your Product Fruits account. Please note that we don’t support partial refunds.
Is Product Fruits GDPR compliant?

Yes, we’re fully compliant. We also provide Data Processing Addendum to extend the GDPR privacy principles. Learn more in the Terms&Privacy section in the footer of our website.
Do I get charged for views of product adoption flows?

No, unlike some other vendors we don’t have any limitations on views. You’ll only pay based on the number of monthly active users in your application.
Do I pay extra for each additional seat?

No, you can invite as many team members as you need to Product Fruits. There’s no limitation on seats.
Do your flows work on mobile?

Yes, we support every web-based app regardless of the user’s device. We suggest you create a separate segment for mobile users since the real estate is limited compared to desktop. Note, we don’t support native iOS / Android apps.
Do you support SPAs (Single Page Apps)?

Yes, we support every web-based app including SPAs.
What frameworks do you support?

We’re compatible with all the major frameworks including React, NextJS, VuesJS, Angular etc.
What about multi-language content?

You can localize Product Fruits content to any language you want and use segmentation for displaying content in the right language to your users.
More questions? Check out our knowledge base or contact us.


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