Customer Success Manager

For a global SaaS startup

We’re a product adoption platform with paying customers from all over the world, we are invested and growing fast. Our platform allows businesses to create user onboarding flows without any coding. Our customers are SaaS companies and use Product Fruits to improve the onboarding, conversion, and retention of their users.


Support customers at every stage of their buying journey (lead/trial / post-purchase / renewal). Help them achieve their goals.

Job description

Your role is to help users adopt our Product Fruits. Provide them with advice and guidance on how to best use our set of tools.

This requires running online demos and implementation workshops as well as following up with the view of moving customers to the next step in their buyer’s journey.

You can check this video to see a quick overview of our product:

You’ll NOT be doing prospecting or cold-calling. Your job is to service inbound leads.

You’ll communicate with customers via a variety of channels - email, phone, video call, chat, LinkedIn, Whatsapp….whatever the customer prefers.

Ideally, you’ll be someone with a team lead potential to help us build a customer success department from the ground up and become its head. This is not a requirement, though.

Who are we looking for?

  • You must have excellent English; we serve a global market. Other languages are a big plus; Czech is not necessary.
  • You’re approachable and communicative. You can tailor your communication style to various personas - from tech-savvy developers to customer-facing users w/o any technical knowledge.
  • You’re patient and empathetic and truly enjoy helping people.
  • You’re a curious person - interested in figuring out how things work and always looking for a solution, hack, or workaround.


  • Passion for technology. You’ll not be programming, but you need to understand the very basics of HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Planning and prioritization skills. You’ll be handling a lot of deals. If you’re not organized, things will fall through the cracks.
  • Organized. You understand why it’s important to keep track of every conversation, such as demo notes, as well as agree on the next steps. We use HubSpot for that.
  • Results driven. We’re a startup which means that every team member must be delivered. There’s no hiding behind corporate structures. On the flip side, you’ll have a material impact on our company’s results and, more importantly, on our customer’s success.
  • Basic writing skills. You’re not expected to be a copywriter, but you’ll need to be able to craft an email that has a structure that the customer can follow or create a presentation that the lead will be excited about forwarding to their boss.

What do we offer

  • On site/homeworking combination (Prague 5 - Andel)
  • Get-things-done (read no-bullshit) culture
  • Impact - you’ll be the face of the company for most of our customers
  • A unique opportunity to join a scaleup with a strong product and an inspiring vision

Are you interested?

Let us know!

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