How Keboola accelerated its user onboarding by 29% 🚀


Our user onboarding today is faster, intuitive, and self-served. With the implementation of the Product Fruits platform, our Product Team has successfully minimized their regular repetitive tasks, resulting in a 20% reduction in their overall workload. This saved time allows us to allocate more resources towards in-depth analytics and client-led tasks.

Tomas Netrval

Product Manager, Keboola logo

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  • Converting trial users into paying customers​
  • Reducing support load
  • Cutting down on repetitive tasks
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Keboola implemented Product Fruits (PF), a no-code user onboarding platform, and automated its user onboarding through interactive onboarding flows.

faster user onboarding
improvement in conversion rate
time saved by the product team
reduction of repetitive team tasks

Introduction to use cases

In this case study, Tomas, Product Manager of the analytical tool Keboola, shares his best practices of building a self-served user onboarding with the Product Fruits (PF) platform.

Guide yourself through Keboola's onboarding journey from their beginnings to advanced achievements in 2 practical use cases.

Use case #1

How Keboola started to work
with a product adoption platform


Our previous onboarding was limited to a small academy where users had few tasks to complete.

  • This onboarding was hard-coded into the platform, lacking flexibility in terms of when and where it would appear.
  • To make any change in a setup could easily take up to three weeks, and by the time it was processed, we wanted to make further adjustments.
  • This placed a burden on both the product and development teams.


With Product Fruits (PF):

  • We have the ability to make frequent iterations, sometimes on an hourly or minute-by-minute basis.
  • Moreover, thanks to Product Fruits' integration capabilities, we are able to send data to Heap for further analysis. This enables us to combine data on how users navigate the platform with the success rates of tours and the percentage of users who complete or encounter difficulties with them. Based on the above, we can plan further adjustments and enhancements.

How we started

We began by experimenting with all the features Product Fruits offers.

The installation process of this digital adoption platform involves inserting a short and simple JavaScript code snippet. On the same day, we started working on our first onboarding ideas. First, we implemented the life ring button (help center) and basic tours. Then, we proceeded with announcements and hints.

The features we used

Tours, checklists & hints, as part of the user onboarding package.

Announcements, the life ring button (help center) for interaction/communication and user support (documentation and tours).


Lessons we learned 💡

In the beginning, our onboarding consisted of overly long tours that would automatically pop up. However, through trial measurements, we discovered that users were closing these tours, resulting in a low completion rate.

To address this, we reduced the number of tours and gave users the option to initiate them. Additionally, we shifted our focus towards creating more targeted tours in specific sections of the platform.


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    After adopting Product Fruits, we cut the time needed by the product team to deploy and adjust our onboarding activities by 20%.

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    We reduced repetitive tasks, such as creating the specification and submission to Jira for the development team, as well as the validation round with tech, by 70%.

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    Now we can easily change or deploy actions to the test project and review it in production within minutes. Like that we are able to do dozens of iterations during the day!

Use case #2

How Keboola supercharged its onboarding with a customized demo

To further improve our onboarding results and reduce the workload of our sales and support teams in handling individual tickets and presentations, our product team optimized the onboarding process with our free-to-use demo.

Keeping in mind the importance of providing an awesome user experience for users of all levels, we thoroughly analyzed our user behavior data to prepare relevant onboarding content and select appropriate onboarding features. While we still utilize tours and hints in various parts of our platform, our dermo serves as our primary “acquisition” tool. We use it to introduce Keboola to new users and guide them successfully through our platform.

How we designed demo flows

Due to the complexity of our platform, we split the demo into three different levels. Each emphasizes a specific learning curve (beginner, advanced, and expert). This approach allows us to gradually introduce users to all the features and capabilities of Keboola before they create their own project.

See our demo in action

How we built them

Our onboarding flows consisting of checklists and feature tours look like they are a native part of our platform. To ensure a flawless user experience, we utilized the embed function of PF checklists, allowing them to appear and function as an integral component of our Keboola platform. This approach allowed us to design our own UX while utilizing the underlying functionality of PF features.

The features we used

Checklists to maintain structure and keep track of the learning process for each user level.

Feature tours to make the “Aha!” moments for the users come faster by highlighting each step in the learning process.

Announcement as a call to action after completing the Keboola "training per respective level" - Are you ready to create your own project in Keboola?

Customization and embeddable functions to make the onboarding different!


When we incorporated the tour between our defined conversion steps, we saw that:

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    Users accomplished their goal 29% faster (17 minutes down to 12 minutes).

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    Users accomplished their goal by 8% - more users who finished the onboarding tour reached the final conversion step in comparison with users who skipped the tour.

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Keboola is a data operations platform, which enables engineers, data analysts and other business owners to collaborate across teams on analytics and automation from extraction, data management to reverse ETL to boost the revenues.


  • HQ in​ Prague, Czech Republic
  • customers in 70+ countries over the world

Keboola´s “heavy users”

  • banks and insurance institutions
  • technology businesses and unicorns
  • e-commerce platforms


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