How FitnessPlayer doubled its user base and reduced churn 💪


Thanks to Product Fruits, we're able to help fitness trainers quickly understand the value our app provides. After launching the first onboarding flows, we almost immediately reduced the churn rate of our trial users by 70% (yes!) and doubled conversions into paying customers.

Anders Ekström

Founder, FitnessPlayer logo

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High user churn rate and low conversions

  • The product’s value was overlooked by new users​
  • Users struggled with orientation within the application
  • The money invested in ads didn't generate lead generation and conversions
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Automated onboarding process using Product Fruits' customizable and no-code tool.

Product Fruits features used:


Tours (feature, welcome)

Help center (Life Ring Button)


reduction of churn from free trial users
increase in conversion of paying customers

The Challenge for new users:
How to start using the app

Once logged into the system, new users faced the challenge of understanding how to use the application and create their first music playlist. As a result, the immediate value of the app was delayed and missed. Which resulted in high user churn, particularly during the 14-day trial period.

That’s where Product Fruits steps in.

The Solution:
A three-step automated onboarding process using a combination of a checklist, feature tours, and the help center widget.

FitnessPlayer identified three key steps (functions) that their users need to undertake to start using the app:

  1. 1.Create a playlist
  2. 2.Search for songs
  3. 3.Finalize the playlist by filling the songs

To guide users through these steps, the app built three feature tours integrated and launched in a specific order thanks to a checklist widget (Product Fruits features).

Demonstration of the welcome tour within the FitnessPlayer app.

The "Get started" checklist keeps users motivated and guides them through the correct order of information. It also tracks users' progress, displays their next step actions, and is exclusively triggered for new users. Once all three steps are completed, the checklist is marked as "completed" and dismissed by the user.

To support users, FitnessPlayer integrates an in-app help center (Life Ring Button). This allows users direct access to available resources and serves as a permanent feature within the application, accessible upon user request.

FitnessPlayer uses the help center widget to:

  • Offer education upon request by featuring initial onboarding tours, advanced videos, and tutorials.
  • Provide a platform for user communication by adding the chat widget.
Demonstration of the help center widget within the FitnessPlayer app environment.

The application uses the help center widget to:

  • Offer education upon request by featuring initial tours, advanced videos, and tutorials.
  • Provide a platform for communication by adding the chat widget or a "book an individual demo" link.

FitnessPlayer customized the design and position of onboarding elements within the app. This helps keep onboarding features in brand alignment.


The Challenge for FitnessPlayer:
Discovering what users think about the app and identifying areas for improvement

The Solution:
Using in-app surveys.

In addition to the support chat (incorporated into the help center widget), FitnessPlayer uses in-app surveys to collect relevant user feedback. This tool is particularly helpful for B2C businesses, serving as a simplified yet effective alternative to customer success feedback calls. The application uses and interconnects two types of surveys:

NPS Survey to identify:

  • Users who can promote FitnessPlayer
  • Users who are at risk of churning from their pricing plan

Cancellation Survey to target users who may consider canceling their subscription and gather feedback to improve app functionality.

In the Net Promoter Score Survey, FitnessPlayer asks its users one question: "How likely would they be to recommend the app to a colleague or friend?" For respondents indicating a negative likelihood to recommend (selecting 0-6 out of a total of 10 points), they are redirected to the Cancellation Survey. In this survey, users are asked how the app can enhance their customer experience and retain their loyalty, preventing them from churning.

FitnessPlayer NPS Survey results.

In these situations, Product Fruits also recommends API surveys. These enable triggers for specific actions based on the users response. For example, offering users at risk of churn a discount or special offer.

The way FitnessPlayer builds the survey in their Product Fruits workspace.

The NPS Survey is truly a super easy way for us to collect more knowledge about the status of our service, and it also gives us insights into which features we should focus on next, based on our users' wishes.

Anders Ekström

Founder, FitnessPlayer logo

Anders Ekström

About theFitnessplayer logo

FitnessPlayer is the ultimate companion for fitness studios and professional trainers in Sweden and the UK. It's a Swedish-based fitness app that makes preparation for fitness classes a breeze!

With an extensive music selection for every type of sports class, trainers can cut their preparation time by a whopping 80% and use 100% legal music - eliminating any risks associated with unauthorized music use. No more worries - FitnessPlayer is here to be your best friend in fitness! More at

  • 123 000 active playlists created by fitness professionals
  • 7 000+ active users
  • Covering Sweden and the UK, currently expanding into new EU markets

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