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Published January 29, 2024
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If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re the person responsible for improving the onboarding experience, increasing user engagement and product adoption. 

There’s many onboarding solutions on the market, each comes with its own particular attributes that make it a better fit for one company or another.

Our goal with this article is to give you three relevant alternatives to UserPilot, each based on what actual users have said on both G2 and Capterra.

That way, you feel confident you’ve picked the best choice for your company.

UserPilot: User engagement and product analytics in one tool

UserPilot is a no-code user onboarding platform that offers all the onboarding elements you might need to create a smooth and seamless onboarding journey.  

UserPilot offers the following onboarding elements:

  • Product Analytics: Understand where users drop off, tag elements, and measure retention.
  • User Engagement: Measure user engagement, goal completement, and growth management
  • Hints and Tooltips: To give information around more complicated features
  • Onboarding Checklist: Gives users an order of actions and onboarding goals
  • In-App guidance: Can be interactive and personalized experiences
Screenshot of Userpilot webpage

(Image Source: UserPilot)

What makes UserPilot a good fit?

We’ve rounded up the ‌feedback users left on Capterra and G2, and found these are the most common benefits of userPilot:

  • Content Localization: For businesses that require multiple languages, UserPilot can easily localize content.
  • Fast user support: UserPilot has excellent reviews for its reliable and fast user support. Support is always available– However, a dedicated customer success manager is only part of the Growth plan. 
  • High level of customization and tag elements: According to user reviews, they appreciate the high level of customization and the option to personalize their onboarding experience, as well as the ability to maintain branded themes throughout the app.

What makes UserPilot a bad fit?

Depending on your budget and onboarding needs, there are a few factors that might make UserPilot a bad fit: 

  • Expensive: Compared to alternatives, UserPilot is the most expensive, starting at $249. It’s important to note that most of the benefits like: content localization and unlimited feature tags that make UserPilot so beneficial are only found on the Growth plan starting at $499. For small businesses looking to improve the onboarding experience, they might find themselves looking for solutions that offer the same features at a lower price. 
  • Important to note about EU Data Hosting: If you need EU data hosting, it’s important to consider that UserPilot only provides this service through their Growth plan (starting at $499/month), which is an additional pricing level to consider.
  • Some data can be complex to analyze: At the time of writing this article, some users review that data is presented in raw format, which they found to be time-consuming and hard to create insights.
  • Resource center: The resource center, which helps reduce tickets and support users navigate and troubleshoot an app on their own, is only offered on the Growth plan at $499/month. That means you’ll need to either opt for the more expensive plan, develop your own, and try syncing it with other onboarding elements, or pay for yet another software. 

Price: UserPilot three different tier prices, starting from $249/ month. 

But, the real benefits like resource centers, content localization, and a dedicated customer success manager are only included in their Growth plan starting at $499/month. You can see full price details here.

Check out what users have to say:

G2 rating: 4.6/5

Capterra rating: 4.5/5

The three most relevant UserPilot alternatives to consider

If you’re looking for similar features to UserPilot, but are still in the research phase, here are the three closest UserPilot alternatives. 

Each of these software has been picked because they each offer the same onboarding elements and are no-code solutions. The difference between each solution comes down to the small details. 

Here are the three most relevant UserPilot alternatives:

  1. Product Fruits
  2. UserFlow
  3. Usetiful

For each comparison, we’ll share real thoughts from actual users of each platform using G2 and Capterra reviews. 

We want to give you the full scoop from users who have interacted with each platform. So we’ll let the users do the talking and share some of their thoughts so you find the best fit. 

UserPilot alternatives table using pros and cons form each alternatives platform

Product Fruits vs UserPilot: Same Features, Benefits, but at a Different Cost

Product Fruits is an all-in-one user onboarding platform. This software offers all the same benefits and features as its alternatives, but at a budget-friendly cost. 

Here are some features Product Fruits offers:

  • Product tours and interactive walkthroughs: Easy-to-build with our Editor, tours can be triggered through custom events, hints, or ‌ from checklists so you can support your users when they need it most.
  • Announcements and pop-ups: Share news and increase feature adoption with in-app announcements that can be segmented for each user journey
  • Surveys: Easily gather user feedback with NPS, CSAT, welcome surveys, churn, and more templates than most competitors offer to get all the feedback you need. We also offer survey branching and custom triggers, which take onboarding personalization to another level.
  • Hints and Tooltips: Provide contextual onboarding hints to help users navigate your app. 
  • Checklists: Includes progress bars and can be embedded to particular URL pages.
  • Life ring buttons: Integrates with chat widget and includes a search bar to find support content quickly.
  • Knowledge base: Launch on your own custom domain and keep all your resources in one place. You can choose your privacy settings for team access (private or public content)

Each element of the onboarding process can be personalized to match your brand. And, our custom rules and segmentation filters mean each onboarding journey can be heavily personalized for every user.

Don’t just take our word for it —  Product Fruits has the highest G2 and Capterra reviews; users are delighted with their onboarding results.

Product fruits screenpage and showing features

Advantages of choosing Product Fruits vs UserPilot

Here are the biggest advantages users share about their experience using Product Fruits and achieving their onboarding goals: 

  • Full range of onboarding elements and constant feature updates: Product Fruits is known for its continuous updates and new feature availability. All features work together cohesively to help you create a full onboarding eco-system with new updates that keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Easy-to-use custom rules and personalization features: Custom rules and segmentation is available for each feature and help create a unique and tailored onboarding user experience brand.   
  • Easy implementation: Product Fruits uses an editor and Google Chrome extension, which allows for effortless implementation of onboarding elements without the need for coding.
  • Friendly and helpful support team: Product Fruits is praised for its quick, personalized, and helpful custom support. The support team puts in a lot of effort to make sure that every client is successfully meeting their onboarding objectives — and the reviews show they’re successful at doing so. 

Considerations with Product Fruits vs Userflow

Here are some user reviews to consider with Product Fruits:

  • It’s not an independent analytics tool: While Product Fruits does offer some analytics features for users, it is best when combined with other analytics tools. Its integration capabilities allow you to easily identify the ideal data platform for your specific requirements.
  • Focus is on user onboarding and not employee onboarding: Product Fruits is most effective for user onboarding and feature adoption. It does not have the same focus on features for employee onboarding and engagement. 

Price: Product Fruits offers three plans, beginning with the Basic package starting at $89/month, followed by the Boost package at $149/month.  This makes Product Fruits the most affordable option without compromising on features, segmentation, or customization power.

With Product Fruits you get access to all onboarding features without overpaying. Click here for more pricing info.

Here is what actual users think of Product Fruits on G2 reviews and rating: 4.8/5  

And Capterra reviews and rating: 4.8/5

Userflow Vs UserPilot: Same price point and similar features

Userflow is another software platform designed for user onboarding. It’s also a no-code tool and in the same price tier as UserPilot. Although UserPilot is slightly more expensive.

It is an easy-to-use tool that provides a wide array of onboarding features, which include:

  • Checklists: Minimizable, offer task completion progress, and triggers flows
  • Banners: With call-to-action and placement options 
  • Product tours: Interactive walkthroughs 
  • Surveys: Customize time, logic branching, and offer NPS, CSAT or freeform.
  • Resource center: Contextualized knowledge center and live chat integration

Userflow helps companies ‌create seamless onboarding processes to increase conversion rates, enhance platform usability, and personalize user journeys. 

userflow screenshot of homescreen

Image source

Pros of Userflow

Userflow offers the full range of user onboarding elements that can help create effective onboarding experiences. We have incorporated real feedback from G2 and Capterra users to share the most relevant benefits:  

These are the benefits that users have observed:

  • Easy user flow: Users commented on how easy it was to create flow with Userflows interface. 
  • User segmentation ability: Easy to create user flows based on user groups segmented by events or companies 
  • Customization and theme capabilities: Users appreciate the amount of customization and ability to use themes for brand consistency
  • Powerful AI assistance: Easy to set up AI assistance, however some review share that when users use the AI assistance often which is what you’d want) it can become price

Considerations that come with Userflow

The most suitable user onboarding solution for your company will vary depending on your specific needs and onboarding goals.

To help guide your decision-making, we have provided some factors users mentions to consider:

  • It’s expensive compared to software offering the same solution: Compared to its competitors, the cost is significantly higher. The starting price is $240 per month, but this does not include some of the mentioned perks above. This price may be too steep for small businesses, who could potentially save money by selecting a different solution that offers the same advantages.
  • Complicated analytics: Analytics aren’t comprehensive, and are a little harder to filter through according to some reviews at the time this article was written.

Price: Prices start at $240, but you’ll only get the most advantageous features with the Pro plan starting at $680/month. Check out the full price details here. 

Check out Userflows’ G2 ratings and reviews: 4.8/5

And their Capterra ratings and reviews: 4.7/5 

Usetiful vs userPilot: User onboarding with ease

Usetiful is a Digital Adoption Platform that helps employees and users onboard. 

The tool is cloud-based and offers a range of onboarding tools: 

  • Product tours
  • Checklists
  • Smart tips
  • Banners
  • Knowledge base
  • Surveys & NPS
  • Demos
Screenshot of Usetiful website

(Image source: Usetiful)

Pros of Usetiful

Our research on user reviews has shown us the advantages of Usetiful. 

Here’s what they have to say:

  • Budget and pricing options: Usetiful stands out for providing a persistent free monthly option, though it does have restrictions such as the absence of checklists, segmentation, and analytics. Compared to other options with trial versions, Usetiful has the most affordable starting price.
  • Easy creation and integration: Users are highly vocal about the simplicity of creating tours and integrating them into their websites.
  • Effortless Interface: According to users, the interface is user-friendly and does not require any coding or development skills to navigate and use.

Considerations to keep in mind with Ustiful

  • Implementation difficulties: Although Ustiful offers a variety of resources to assist with its integration, based on reviews, it seems to be more difficult to use than other no-code options. It requires a significant amount of time to locate the appropriate documentation in their help center and knowledge base. This may not be an issue if you have someone designated to handle ‌implementation and maintenance. However, it does mean that you will heavily rely on this person.
  • Limitations on customization: Ustiful does offer customization, but it seems to be a bit limited, focused mostly on colors and fonts. Its templates and customization choices are the only ones available. It is suitable for basic needs, but may be restrictive for those seeking to provide a unique and brand-specific experience for their audience. 
  • Slower support: Some users review having had a slow response from the support team on the free and smaller plans.

Price: You can try Usetiful for free, and they offer different pricing tiers to suit your budget

G2 reviews and rating: 4.7/5

Capterra reviews and rating: 4.7/5

Your best solution supports your company’s growth with the right features and team 

By choosing the right onboarding and product adoption software,  your company will feel supported to grow. You won’t depend on development time to announce new features, nor feel restricted in creating complete onboarding experiences for every user. 

To increase conversions, reduction in support tickets, and higher engagement, you need a full scoop onboarding platform that helps you grow with the latest features and updates,  round-the-clock support, and the ability to customize the onboarding process.

When choosing your user onboarding solution, take into account a few things:

  • Competitive features: You need the latest features that continuously update and stay available to your price tier. That way, your onboarding process will stay up-to-date and competitive, allowing for sustained product development. 
  • Responsive and helpful  support: As your platform develops and introduces new solutions, it’s important for your team to feel confident that your onboarding solution will keep up and feel supported by helpful customer success and support teams.
  • Pricing offers in the long term: As your user base increases, the price of your plan will likely also increase. It is important to feel confident about the investment you make in the long term..

At Product Fruits, we invest in the success of our clients by continuously introducing new features, educating our users on the best practices, and having our support team a click away. 

You can try Product Fruits for free, no coding or card required. 

Or, take advantage and book a quick call with our user onboarding specialists for tailored advice on how Product Fruits can help you reach your onboarding and product adoption goals.

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