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Published May 30, 2024

Imagine walking into a high-end coffee shop with chic decor and vibey music versus getting coffee from a vending machine. Both provide caffeine, but the experiences are vastly different.

The same goes for your product’s digital experience. When users interact with your website or app, their experience can influence their feelings about your brand and whether they return. 

So, to keep your customers happy and loyal, you need to create a great digital experience for them. Understanding it will help you craft beautiful user journeys that positively impact your company’s profitability.

This blog will discuss why the digital experience is important and how you can improve it. 

But first thing first…

What is the digital experience?

The digital experience, often called UX (user experience), is the overall vibe a user gets from interacting with a website, app, or other digital product.

Think about the difference between going to a cozy coffee shop with friendly staff, comfy seating, and soothing music playing versus just grabbing a coffee from a vending machine. 

At the coffee shop, every detail comes together to create a pleasant, enjoyable experience that makes you want to stay and enjoy your drink. But with the vending machine, it’s just a quick transaction – functional but not really an “experience.”

Similarly, with digital products, the experience is influenced by all sorts of factors like:

  • How easy or hard it is to find what you need and get things done (the navigation)
  • The visual design and how appealing it looks
  • The efficiency and simplicity of completing tasks 
  • The overall feeling or emotion elicited from the user

A positive digital experience happens when using a product just “clicks”—it’s intuitive, straightforward, and even enjoyable. But a negative experience leaves you confused, annoyed, and ready to move on to something better.

cartoon coming out of screen with a thumbs up and happy and on orange background

Why is the digital experience important?

 Simply put: If you aren’t charming your users– your competition will. 

A positive digital user experience can: 

  • Give you a competitive edge. With so many options available, customers will simply take their business elsewhere if you don’t meet their experience expectations. Companies that prioritize digital experience see higher customer lifetime value by 25%.
cartoon walking up stair case of charts and improving with orange background

3 Tips to improve your digital experience

Here are three proven ways to help you enhance your digital customer experience. 

1. Make it personal to your users

Users are constantly bombarded with generic, impersonal experiences across various platforms and brands. Generic, one-size-fits-all approaches simply won’t cut it. The numbers speak for themselves – 64% of customers prefer a simpler and more personalized onboarding process.

After all, imagine how delighted you feel when a brand remembers your preferences or addresses you by name—a slight touch can have a big impact.

For instance, when you log into your Netflix account, the platform greets you with a curated home screen filled with movie and show recommendations based on your viewing history and tastes. This personalized experience makes you feel understood and cared for as an individual, not just another subscriber.

screenshot of Netflix personalization

( Image source: Netflix)

Implement these custom rules and personalization features to make users’ digital experiences truly personal. 

  • Ask users to define their goals or preferences upfront and then adjust the onboarding flow and features based on their responses.
  • Use data and behavioral tracking to understand each user’s needs and automatically surface the most relevant information or functionalities.
  • Allow users to customize the interface, content, and options to suit their preferences and use cases.

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2. Delight users with easy customer service

Nothing is more frustrating than taking the time to research, download, and sign up for a platform, only to find it too complicated to solve your problem. For the user’s digital experience, that’s a big no-no. 

The numbers don’t lie – over 93% of people admit they’ve deleted an app right after downloading it because it was too complicated to use and they couldn’t find help. That’s a massive missed opportunity.

Provide readily available and easy-to-use customer service options for a stellar digital experience. When users inevitably have questions or run into issues, you need to make getting support a breeze.

One way to delight users is by incorporating onboarding features that make it simple to get help when they need it. 

For example, the “life ring” button in Product Fruits is a great addition. This feature allows users to quickly access support without having to leave the app or navigate through multiple menus. A visible and easy-to-access support button can reduce user frustration and provide immediate assistance.

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Another great strategy is integrating a comprehensive knowledge base within your platform. A well-organized knowledge base can offer users a self-service option to find answers to their questions quickly. It should include FAQs, step-by-step guides, troubleshooting tips, and video tutorials. 

Creating one is extremely simple. With Product Fruits, you can build a knowledge base without any coding. You can click and drag new features to your platform immediately.

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But don’t stop there – look for other creative ways to offer proactive support. Send context-aware prompts, use in-app messaging, provide co-browsing…and more. The key is making helpful resources and human assistance easily accessible at every step of the user’s journey. 

3. Add some extra content to the mix

Earlier, we discussed the importance of personalization. But what if you could take that a step further and delightfully surprise your users?

Think about this: When you visit a local coffee shop, you expect great coffee and maybe a few breakfast items. But what if they also offered a little treat like a chocolate-dipped biscotti or a sample of their new seasonal drink? Those extra, thoughtful touches would brighten your day and leave you with an unexpectedly positive impression.

For the digital user experience, these delightful “extra” touches can be bonus content that supports and enriches the user’s main goals with your product. This could include:

  • Webinars: Providing live or recorded webinars allows you to share deeper knowledge and expert tips and create an interactive learning environment around topics your users care about.
  • Case Studies: Users love seeing real examples of how others have succeeded using your solution. Well-crafted case studies give them practical inspiration. Like the one you’re seeing of Product Fruits below 🙂
screenshot of Product Fruits case studies

  • FAQ Content: Whether video, audio or written, casually addressing common user questions and pain points provides helpful bonus value.

The options are wide open—blogs with tips and tricks, interviews with power users, advanced guides and more. 

Even studies reveal that 60% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after engaging with custom content.  So inject thoughtful “treats” into your digital experience to exceed user expectations!

How to create beautiful digital experiences (no coding needed)

Users have endless options at their fingertips, and if your digital product or service fails to intrigue them, they’ll simply move on to a competitor.

But creating truly delightful digital experiences can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have a dedicated team of designers and developers. That’s where Product Fruits comes in – an intuitive, no-code platform that empowers you to craft beautiful user journeys without writing a single line of code.

With Product Fruits, you can quickly implement personalized onboarding flows, embed knowledge bases, add context-aware support prompts, and so much more – all with just a few clicks. 

Try Product Fruits for 14 days for free, and see the difference it makes in your user experience. 

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