Published 5/4/2022 by Karel Papik

Hints (aka tooltips): An underused power tool

Use hints is to provide contextual help, highlight new features and explain less intuitive UI elements.

Hints are cards that appear by hovering over or clicking a small icon. Typically in the form of an "i" or "?".

Tours are great, but the challenge is, how to design them without beeing too invasive. Hints dont' suffer from that problem. They're always accessible so the user can consume them at their own choice.

Hints are also easy to deploy. You just choose the element in your application and add the card with the content.

No coding in-app hints

Create  few hints for the places where the user appreciates more information. Add images, link your documentation, videos. Or allow the user to start a tour from the hint if they want a step-by-step guidance.


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