Published 5/4/2022 by Karel Papik

Hints (aka tooltips): An underused power tool

Use hints is to provide contextual help, highlight new features and explain less intuitive UI elements.

Hints are cards that appear by hovering over or clicking a small icon in your app.

Users like them because they aren't invasive. Hints can be styled to feel like a native part of the UI and the user can consume the content at their own choice.

Compared to product tours, hints are very easy to deploy. You just choose the element in your application and add the card with the content.

No coding in-app hints

If you don't know where to start, create  hints for elements where the user would appreciate more information. Places that generate a lot of support querries are a low-hanging fruit.

Add images, link your documentation, attach videos to bring them to life. Or let the user to start a tour from a hint if a step-by-step guidance is more appropriate.

Hints come in many forms:

  • "i" signs
  • "?" signs
  • numbers
  • beacons (hotspots)

Visit hints product page for more details.



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