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Published August 23, 2023

Custom events allow you to trigger onboarding flows in response to what a user did (or didn’t do) in your application or on your web. 

Imagine you’re trying out a new app. You just uploaded a photo. Tutorial pops up showing you how to style the photo so it looks awesame. How does that make you feel? 

While everyone hates being interrupted, when the information is relevant and useful the emotion is actually a positive one. We all like achieving the desired outcome faster.   

This is an example of how powerful user onboarding can become when it’s powered by custom events. It’s the right time in Right message to the right user in the righ time. 

Custom events allow you to trigger product onboarding flows when user 

  • performs a specific click 
  • dowloads a report 
  • adds a new team meber 
  • clicks on an upsell feature 
  • performs a certain action 3 times 
  • has never done a particular action 

And any other user-induced action. You get the idea. 

How does it work? 

True to our philosophy, no coding is required. Just to make sure you’ve implemented the JS snippet so your app is passing events to Product Fruits. Custom events won’t work if you’re using just the Chrome extension. 

Custom events can be used in conjunction with the main product onboarding flows: 

  • Product tours 
  • In-app hints & tooltips 
  • Onboarding checklists 

👉 Fruity Tip! Leverage our native integrations with popular CRM, CDP and analytics platforms to trigger onboarding flows off existing segments, cohorts and events.  

In order to start using custom events you need to enable event tracking in your Product Fruits administration. You’ll find it in the drop-down menu of a particular workspace. 

Interested in learning more about how to segment, customize, and tailor onboarding to users? Talk to one of our user onboarding experts today.

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