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Published May 22, 2024
NEW AI powered Product fruits user onboaridng features blog announcements title and template with magic stars

Product Fruits is proud to announce its new AI-powered onboarding.

The first in the Digital Adoption space to take AI automation to onboarding. Now, you can complete your onboarding flows in minutes, with intelligent AI that understands and creates the ideal flow for your users.

“We’re so proud to announce we’ve merged our no-code onboarding tool with powerful AI technology, making it even easier for our users to create their onboarding flows.

With this new development, we are making the jump from traditional no-code onboarding platforms, to a whole new league: AI-Powered onboarding. The goal of this new feature is to help users with the hardest part– getting started.”- Martin Fisera, Product Manager at Product Fruits.

Our solution is a pioneer in the onboarding space. Our team has worked hard to provide a solution that will greatly affect the productivity and onboarding success of our users.

Banner image of Product Fruits new Ai powered user onboarding feature

The problem our AI solution solves

We noticed that many of our clients got stuck in the initial stage of onboarding creation.

They didn’t know how to start a flow, the steps involved, or how to create content.

Combine the pressure of creating effective flows to convert users, with the time it takes to create catchy content and high-quality images. Well, product managers get overwhelmed quickly.

And that’s when we identified an opportunity: Bypass and remove the struggle of creating a first draft with intelligent technology.

So we did just that. We introduced AI into Tour and Pop-up creation.

Stuck creating tours? AI-generated tours to the rescue

As 99% of our clients use our Product Fruits tours, we decided to make the process even simpler.

Our clever AI technology analyzes your product platform, and comes up with a tour within seconds.

blog banner of tours from Product Fruits templates with start from scratch or let AI to the heavy lifting copy

How do AI-generated tours work?

We’ve made it easy, no new integrations or set-ups within Product Fruits are required. 

Your Tour creation can happen in less than 3 steps:

  1. Choose your AI-template
  2. Choose the features you’d like to highlight
  3. Click Generate

In three easy steps, you’ve created a tour. Each tour can be customized further to finetune the little details that make a difference.

Use AI to generate catchy Pop-Up announcements and images

And of course, Tours aren’t the only features used in onboarding. We’ve added AI-generated Pop-Ups to remove the stress of creating catchy content and images. 

Within Product Fruits, we made some AI changes to facilitate ‌in-app announcement creation and management.

The new AI-powered Pop-Ups can generate announcements based on factual information you provide.

And it’s not only limited to text.

We discovered that announcements have the best CTR when delivered hand-in-hand with media.

That’s why we’ve introduced the ability to generate pop-up images, and quickly and easily customize the pop-up to your preferred look and feel.

What are the benefits of using Product Fruits AI technology?

We’ve also got tons of exciting new features and developments on the roadmap. And yes, they’re coming soon. Summer 2024 is going to be a big leap in the Digital Adoption Space. Things like Product Fruits AI will offer a wealth of advantages that can revolutionize the product development process.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, product managers can achieve remarkable success in creating products that resonate with their target audience and drive business growth. 

Here are some of the key benefits of using Product Fruits AI Co-pilot:

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity: Product Fruits AI automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks. This allows product managers to focus on more strategic aspects of product growth development.
  • Creative inspiration and innovation: Product Fruits AI serves as a creative catalyst, generating fresh ideas and perspectives. This infusion of AI-powered creativity fosters a culture of innovation, leading to the development of truly groundbreaking products.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty: By leveraging Product Fruits AI, product managers can create products that better meet customer needs and expectations. This results in higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Coming soon…

  • Data-driven decision-making: Product Fruits AI empowers product managers to make data-driven decisions based on deep analytics and comprehensive insights. By leveraging AI’s ability to analyze vast amounts of data, product managers can identify trends, patterns, and correlations that may not be immediately apparent to the human eye. This data-driven approach enhances decision-making accuracy and effectiveness.

Ready to supercharge your onboarding? Try Product Fruits

If you want to increase your user conversion rate and reduce churn, then your user onboarding needs to be a positive and educational experience for your users.

Product Fruits is an all-in-one onboarding platform that is AI-powered and gives you complete control over customization and user segmentation– giving you the tools to create truly powerful user experiences. 

Try it out for yourself, with our 14-day free trial (no card or coding required) ad over 100 free AI prompts to lay around with.

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Martin Fisera
Martin Fisera is an experienced Product Manager at Product Fruits. He merges user feedback, product development, and a keen eye on future trends and AI to develop new features that users love-- and see overwhelming positive results.

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