Published 1/14/2022 by Daniel Musialek

How to use behavioral segments in product adoption campaigns

Two users sign up to your SaaS. The first one goes through all the steps of your onboarding tour, while the other skips it. Should you send them the same welcome email? Of course not! Learn how to use behavior-based segments to create tailored product adoption experiences.

behavior-based segments in product adoption

A behavior-based segment is a group of users who engaged with a specific part of your product adoption flow. Examples include users completing only 50% of the onboarding tour, clicking on a particular tooltip in your app, or giving a low score on the feature adoption meter.

How to create behavior-based segments?

Every user interaction with any in-app content served by Product Fruits constitutes a custom event. We send these events in real-time to your CRM or analytics platform. All you need to do is map individual events to the right segments.

Segment name Custom event
Onboarding completed User saw the last card of onboarding tour
Partial onboarding User engaged with 2 out of 4 cards in the tour
Onboarding skipped User skipped the whole tour
Tooltip interaction User engaged with a specific tooltip
Adoption meter low User gave below average rating

These are just a few examples to illustrate the point. Any custom-event triggered by any of our product adoption tools can be used for creation of custom segments.

product adoption tools

How to use segments in tailored campaigns?

Think of segments as users at different stages of your product adoption journey. Each one needs something else to advance to the next step. For example, segment Onboarding skipped might benefit from a tutorial video showcasing your killer feature while Onboarding completed is ready to be introduced to more advanced features. And the segment giving you high scores in the adoption meter? How about an email asking them to leave a public review.

To engage your various segments, you can create automated email campaigns, social and display remarketing or have a notification sent to your customer success person. You get the idea.

targeting user onboarding segments

Seamless integration with leading martech

Creating such a tailored campaign is easier than it seems. Thanx to the native integrations in Product Fruits you can automatically send custom events to your CRM, campaign and analytics tool. No coding is required to start leveraging behavior-based segments in your product adoption strategy.

Product Fruits integrations

Missing an integration? Drop us a note. We can integrate with any web-based app so not a big deal to add what you need.


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