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Published March 4, 2024
Cartoons with two phone and the title of the blog about A2P registartion

A2P messaging has revolutionized the way we communicate and reach our customers.

However, registration often involves multiple steps, legal frameworks, and technical language, which can be intimidating.

Understanding how to guide your users through A2P registration with the right tools can increase completion rates and trust.

In this article, we will cover how you can use onboarding and educational tools to support users through A2P registration.

This article, summarized:

  • A2P registration involves providing basic business information and agreeing to comply with regulations.
  • A2P registration is important for responsible and compliant A2P messaging.
  • Onboarding tools can guide users through A2P registration steps and provide informational context.
  • Clear and concise onboarding materials help users understand the importance of A2P registration and compliance.
  • Product Fruits is a no-code product adoption tool that helps streamline the A2P registration process.

What is A2P registration?

A2P (Application-to-Person Messaging) registration refers to the process of registering a business or organization to use A2P messaging services.

Usually, A2P messaging refers to the communication between applications or software and individuals. It’s often used for sending automated messages, alerts, notifications, sales promotions, and other information from applications to users.

A2P registration typically involves providing basic information about the business, such as name, address, and contact information, and most importantly — agreeing to comply with A2P messaging regulations and guidelines.

Why is A2P registration important?

A2P registration is important because it makes sure that businesses are using A2P messaging in a responsible and compliant manner.

The US and Canada require A2P registration in order to make sure that receiving and sending messages to only customers or businesses that consent.

The challenge with A2P registration and onboarding

When using any new or unknown terminology, getting users or businesses to fully onboard and understand, can be… tricky.

For example, asking customers, “Do you agree to receive newsletter emails?”, is much more understandable and easy to register or opt into than asking them “Do you agree to comply to A2P regulations?”.

That’s where the challenge lies; to educate and guide users through what A2P registration truly means.

And that’s where the right educational and onboarding resources need to be introduced to guide the users through necessary steps, information, and actions.

Overall, A2P registration plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and regulated messaging environment for both businesses and consumers.

How to use onboarding to improve A2P regulations and registrations

Onboarding tools can be used to guide users through the necessary steps to complete A2P registration thoroughly.

The goal is to guide users through the necessary actions and provide informational context when necessary.

Here’s an example of how Jacob, one of our US implementation affiliates, explains the benefits in this quick 1-minute video. He highlights Product Fruits tools and how they can be used in action for A2P registration.

[Video source: Curated Services]

Here’s an example of tools to help with A2P registration

Here’s a list of how you can use adoption tools to help users navigate your product:

  • Checklists: Create an order and list of actions to complete
  • Hints: Explanations and information about buttons, questions, or features
  • Tours: Shows users each step. They can include media like videos, images, screenshots, or links to a knowledge base
  • Life Ring button: to ask for support and resources to the support team
  • Announcements: Keep users up to date on new regulations or maintenance

Looking to bypass onboarding challenges?

Provide clear and concise onboarding materials, so users can understand the importance of A2P registration and the steps they need to take to comply with regulations.

Effective onboarding processes can help to streamline the registration process, making it easier and more efficient for both businesses and consumers.

And for that, you need the right onboarding tools.

Product Fruits acts as your all-in-one product adoption tool. Its no-code solution is made to help product managers, onboarding specialists, and marketers control the onboarding process from A-to-Z.

It acts as an invisible layer on top of your platform, so you can quickly drag and drop features to create smooth and help onboarding platforms.

Want to see results and improve the user experience? Try Product Fruits for yourself, with our 14-day free trial.

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