Interactive product tours & guides

Help new users learn your software quickly to increase conversion rates, and introduce existing users to new features for improved product adoption.

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No-code design. AI-powered.

Everyone can create self-guided product tours, UI guides, and interactive walkthroughs.

Struggling to create engaging product tours for your software? Let our AI handle it for you!

Onboarding tours

Welcome new users to your software and highlight its benefits

Interactive guides

Guide users step by step through all your main features

In-app tutorials

Display tutorials without requiring users to leave your application

Show users how to get things done in your application

Interactive product tours enable you to welcome users, guide them step-by-step, explain features, and highlight important elements in your SaaS or website

Power tip!

Segment users by role (e.g. admin vs. team member) to personalize your onboarding tour

SaaS guided tours tool

Customize tours to perfectly match your brand's look & feel

Easily change fonts, colors, alignment, padding, and more. Customize size and adjust position so product tours feel like an integral part of your UI.

Power tip!

Our product tour software supports custom CSS for advanced styling

Have product tours available when your users need them most

Our software makes it easy to trigger product tours from tooltips, checklists, or even other tours, ensuring they’re accessible to users at the right stage of their product discovery journey

Power tip!

Place your welcome tour in the in-app help center so users can consume it on their own time

Don’t wait for engineering time. Build tours whenever you need them.

Our no-code tool lets you create interactive product tours, walkthroughs, and guides directly in your app’s UI without needing your IT team

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You deserve the best product tour software

Cross-page tours

Walk users through complex multi-page flows in a single tour

Dynamic URLs

Profile pages, user IDs and other dynamic URLs are supported

Simple localization

Language settings are imported from your app automatically

Text inputs

Ask users for text inputs and advance tours upon receiving it

Delay cards

Wait for animations to finish, handle dynamic content

product guides custom events

Custom events

Trigger product tours based on user activity in the UI

Use custom events to tailor guided tours in your software. For example, launch a tour when the user performs a click or another event.

More about custom events


Optimize user experience. Maximize business results.

Know which tours users like, where they get stuck and when they skip. Optimize flows according to your goals.

Power tip!

Integrate Product Fruits with your analytics and CRM tools to get the most out of it

segmented product walkthroughs


Engage users with content that's relevant to them

Customize guided tours based on personas, user journey steps, device, application versions, user type (such as first-time vs. returning) and any other factors.

Power tip!

Use real-time data for segmentation to ensure that your targeting adapts to changes in user behavior

No coding

Create guided tours & walkthroughs without a developer

5-minute setup

Deploy our snippet via tag manager or test it with a Chrome extension

Hassle-free deployment

Build & QA on staging, deploy to production with few clicks

100% safe

We don’t interfere with your source code, nor alter UI or functionality

On brand

Style tours to make them look like an integral part of your software

Performance neutral

There’s no impact on your app’s loading or response times

GDPR compliant

We’re ISO certified. Our servers are located in the EU

Device agnostic

Works with any SaaS and web based app, regardless of user’s device

Start onboarding more users today

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