User onboarding checklists

Easily create interactive checklists for your SaaS or web application. Without coding.

user onboarding checklists
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Make multi-step onboarding flows easy to follow

Break complex software onboarding experiences into step-by-step guides

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The most flexible checklist builder. No coding needed.

Our intuitive no-code builder allows you to create and preview checklists directly in your app's UI

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Boost onboarding completions by showing progress

Help users track their own progress. Provide instant gratification which motivates them to complete remaining items.

Power tip!
Start with a first item checked off (eg. Sign up). It’s harder to leave when one of the actions has already been completed.

Embed checklist to any page. Or use it as an overlay.

Choose whether the checklist should be embedded into your page or featured as a standalone button.

Power tip!
Embedding is useful when you want the checklist to be an integral part of your application.

Leverage integrations to make checklists even more powerful

Internal Integration

Tie all your onboarding flows into a seamless experience

Start a tour, show tooltips, launch tutorial video and more. All from a single checklist.

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External Integration

Push events from Product Fruits to your CRM and trigger tailored campaigns

Our native integrations allow you to identify high-value customers who completed all onboarding steps as well as those who might need assistance.

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Engage users with a tailored experience


Tailor checklists to specific segments or personas

& flexible

Works with any web-based application and SaaS


Language setting are automatically imported from your app

No coding

Create onboarding checklists without a developer

5-minute setup

Deploy our snippet via tag manager or test it with a Chrome extension

Hassle-free deployment

Build & QA on staging, deploy to production with few clicks

100% safe

We don’t interfere with your source code, nor alter UI or functionality

On brand

Style checklists to make them look like an integral part of your software

Performance neutral

There’s no impact on your app’s loading or response times

GDPR compliant

We’re ISO certified. Our servers are located in the EU

Device agnostic

Works with any web based app, regardless of user’s device

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