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Your 24/7 in-app help center

Reduce support cost by allowing users to find answers to their questions independently.

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in-product help center

Always-on support: anytime, anywhere

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    Ensure users have access to help regardless of your support team's working hours.

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    Within your app

    Remove the need for users to exit your app or switch to other channels for assistance.

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    Device agnostic

    Life Ring is responsive, ensuring users can access it seamlessly across all devices.

in-product help center

Single access point for all things support

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    Onboarding walkthroughs

    Give users access to onboarding walkthroughs and feature tours at their convenience.

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    Trainings & tutorials

    Make your training materials readily accessible so users can fully benefit from them.

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    Life chat integration

    Link any 3rd party chat widget with the Life Ring ensuring users find everything in one place.

Alleviate the burden on your support team

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    Prevent recurring problems

    Address common pain points in your help center to proactively assist users.

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    Convenient search

    Results appear within the same interface for swift navigation to relevant articles.

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    Knowledge base compatibility

    Integration with the knowledge base ensures two-click access to your documentation.

Powerful support widget that looks native to your app


Tailor widget appearance, position, UX and functionality


Adjust content within the Ring by segment and persona


Dynamically change content depending on the URL

in-app newsfeed

Integrated newsfeed for real-time updates

Revolutionize your communication by activating the newsfeed functionality.

Keep users informed about the latest news and updates directly within your app.

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    Product updates

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    Upcoming events

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    Sales promotions

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    New content alerts

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