All-in-one solution for your web app

Life Ring Button

Combine all our tools into one button. Get a help center integrated into one single spot.


Product Tours

Guide users through your web application. Enhance onboarding process or show your cool features.


Feedback with Videos

Get feedback with videos and screenshots from your customers. Identify problems without hesitation.



Easy to integrate announcements center. Give your users a clue about what's new. Keep them informed.


Boost growth with Product Fruits

Increase conversions

Let users know your application faster with personalised onboarding solutions.

Get precise feedback

Let users send you feedback with videos or screenshots directly from your application.

Launch quick

Don't wait for your developers. Anyone from your product team can edit the user experience and launch it immediately.


Product Fruits gives you powerful insights. It is important to know how your users are interacting with the content you create.

Analytics platforms integrations

See what is happening under the hood.

Engage with ease

All tools are easy to use and customizable.

Custom appearance

Customize all colors, set nice gradients or insert your own CSS to match your brand identity.

Multi language

Everything in Product Fruits is localizable. Every text can be translated to any language.

Easy integration

Insert our code snippet to your web app and that is. Google Tag Manager is also supported.

Track moods, get answers

Get instant feedback from your users for all features in your web app.

Successful companies grow with Product Fruits



Customer Service department efficiency increase

Trivi grows with Product Fruits.

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