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All Product Fruits tools can be used from one single place.

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Product Tours

Product tours help your users to get an overview of a feature. They show how a feature works in a few steps. Design product tours easily with the Product Fruits editor.

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After you finish a new feature, it's always good to let your users know about it. Changelogs help your users to stay up to date with your product.

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Context Help

Sometimes features get more complicated. Give your users a clue on what will hapen before they click on a button.

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Visual feedback

Whether you need a better way to report bugs, or just want general feedback from your users, our visual feedback tool is the perfect way to gather and organize data in order to make more informed product decisions.

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Engage with ease

All tools are easy to use and customizable.

Custom appearance

Customize all colors or CSS to match your brand identity. Gradients are also supported.


Everything in Product Fruits is localizable. Every text can be translated to any language.

Easy integration

Insert our code snippet to your web app and that is. Google Tag Manager is also supported.

Optimize with Insights

Track how users are interacting with tours, changelogs or context helps. Every tool gives you a performance view.

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Customers or employees?

We support two ways of integration.

Integration with your web application

You can integrate Product Fruits just by inserting our script into your application.

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Chrome and Firefox extension

You can also use Product Fruits with any third-party web application. Use our Chrome or Firefox extension. Use Product Fruits for onboarding or training your employees.

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