Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Am I locked into using Product Fruits into forever?

Although we would be happy to see you using Product Fruits for many years, you are not locked into it. As for feedback data, you can export it into CSV and import to any new system. You can also download some reports from other tools. Removing Product Fruits from your application is easy as installing it. Just remove the code snippet and that's it.

Do I have to send you my users' data?

No. We need to identify users somehow to decide what content should be shown. An anonymized user ID is enough. But you can send us more information if you need them for setting rules or other needs.

Are my users' data safe?

Yes, we take data security seriously. We don't sell your data. Never. We also recommend you to consider what data you have to sent us. In a normal case, we are fine with anonymous ID of your user. See the previous question.

I want to integrate Product Fruits. Do I need developers?

As long as you use Google Tag Manager or similar systems, you don't need them. Product Fruits can be integrated in the same way as other tools. Just use our code snippet and insert into your application.

As for product tours or clues & hotspots, your developers might be required for adjusting CSS selectors of target elements. Sometimes elements in applications don't have proper unique IDs, classes or other HTML attributes. We can almost always find a unique CSS selector with our editor, but it can change with new versions of your application. It is always better to identify elements properly. Not just because of Product Fruits, but also because of tools for automated testing and other similar tools.