Automated bookkeeping service. Trivi is using product tours and feedback with videos tools. We did this case study together with Petr Semrad, Product Manager of Trivi.

About integration

We provide automated bookkeeping services. Our clients use our web application My Trivi for all communication with us. One part of the automation is to provide a smooth onboarding process and to keep our clients informed of changes. We also have a demo application accessible from our websites for everyone. Users (potential clients) can try our service without registration and decide if it suits their needs. Therefore, it is super important not to lose them just because they don't understand some parts of our application. We've chosen Product Fruits because we can build onboarding/engagement processes with almost no help of developers - they only put the Product Fruits JavaScript code to our application. It was quite easy, we used the Product Fruits React library.

Overall numbers

40+ hours of developers saved
20% Customer Service department efficiency increase
60% avg. session time increase in
100% reach vs 45% open e-mails

Product Tours increased average session time

We've noticed increase of the average session time by 60% in the demo application after we launched product tours. There is also a significant decrease of questions on how to use our application, as our sales department reported.

Quick Product Tours building

After some initial setup, we are able to build tours in minutes. In the beginning, we needed to ask our developers to tag all components somehow unique. This was not an issue, because we're using an automated browser testing so we needed this already before. We just extended it a bit and set a rule for our developers to tag all new components. There is no other obstacle, Product Fruits Tours work great even with our single page application written in React.

Changelogs and it's 100% reach

We typically release new versions in the 3 weeks cycle. Once a few months, we go through a planned weekend outage, because of upgrading support systems. Our pain was to communicate these changes and news to all users. We were using Mailchimp, but the usual open-rate was about 45%. That also means that 55% of users didn't get messages we wanted them to know. It also had to go through the marketing department and that meant two other people involved and two other days spent on this. We used the the Announcements feature for showing changelogs and now we can clearly say we reach 100% of active users. All information shows directly in our application, so no one misses it.

Feedback is more accurate

We can divide our feedback into two groups - questions/ideas and bug reports. The accuracy of bug reports increased a lot. Users like the video recording feature. About 70% of bug reports have a video or screenshot attached. If we take the Slack integration into account, this helped us a lot, because we are able to forward the bug reports directly to developers and they can see the problem. We almost eliminated additional questions because even when the text description is not accurate, the video is.