Published 7/11/2022 by Daniel Musialek

The other half of user onboarding: Email sequences

In-app onboarding flows and onboarding emails are like two sides of the same coin. They complement each other nicely and together deliver an effective onboarding experiecne.

SaaS onboarding email guide

Complete guide for SaaS email flows

That's why we partnered with Mailmodo, a leading email automation platform, and created a guide for building automated email flows. This research-backed resource is packed with practical tips, concrete examples and insights from industry experts.

We made sure to cover the whole lifecycle of a user. Starting with the prospect stage all the way down to reengagement of churned users. You'll be pleased to hear that all sequences in this guide are optimized for SaaS user journeys.

SaaS email sequences

Each of the sequences offers a deep dive, including detailed explanation of every email in a given sequence.

Maximize your product adoption

Like we said, the best result is achieved when you combine in-app onboarding with email flows. It will allow you to reach the user via multiple touchpoints and adjust the content to play to each touchpoint strength.

In-app flows would typically relate to a particular UI element, feature or user action. The big advantage here is that the communication is contextual and real-time.

On the other hand, email provides larger estate that can accommodate more detailded content. It also allows you to reach a user even when they're not coming back to your app.

Consistency drives results

Managing two separate flows (technically separate, from user perspective it's your brand talking to them) is a bit more complex, but the benefits far outweight the extra effort.

Just make sure to have the communication synchronized accross both channels. You don't want to confuse users by telling them one thing in the app and a completely different one in the email.

Ideally, you'd also synchronize the triggering. An example is custom event triggering a high-level feature tour in the app. The same event also triggers an email that talks about this feature in a greater level of detail or offers advanced tips.

You can access the complete guide for SaaS email flows completely free.

Not a SaaS? Check email flows for your industry (Ecommerce, Fintech, Real-estate...).



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