Published 4/29/2022 by Daniel Musialek

How to use events for triggering personalized HubSpot workflows

Our HubSpot integration allows you to trigger personalized workflows as well as enrich contact's timeline with onboarding activity log.

Product Fruits integration with HubSpot

The power of personalized experiences

You signed up for a new app. The email onboarding sequence gets triggered. It's beautiful. But not useful, it's actually irritating.

Why? It's simply not relevant because it doesn't take into account what onboarding content you engaged with.

Instead, imagine receiving an email that's tailored to what you did in the app and helps you to advance to the next step in the user journey. How does that make you feel now?

Product Fruits <> HubSpot integration

We send events pertaining to each user's onboarding progress to HubSpot so you can use them to trigger personalized workflows. You no longer need HubSpot's Marketing Enterprise plan to do that. It now works with the entry-level Sales plan too.

Also, the integration can push Product Fruits events to contacts' timelines. This will allow your success manager to know in real-time when a customer gets stuck during the onboarding.

Product Fruits events pushed to HubSpot contact timeline

What user onboarding events can you get in HubSpot?

Product tours

  • Tour started
  • Tour finished
  • Tour unfinished
  • Tour skipped

Onboarding checklists

  • Checklist started
  • Checklist completed
  • Checklist unfinished
  • Checklist skipped

Feature adoption meter

  • User rating received

Examples of triggered onboarding workflows

The beauty of tailoring email comms to app activity lies in relevancy. The more relevant you're the more likely it is that the user will find your communication helpful.

I'm attaching a few examples of leveraging Product Fruits events for personalized email campaigns. Hope it gives you the idea.

User activity (Product Fruits) Triggered workflow (Hubspot)
Welcome tour skipped Send onboarding video
Onboarding checklist completed Send advanced tips
Positive feature rating Ask for review
Negative feature rating Notify customer success


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