Published 5/3/2022 by Karel Papik

How to handle staging vs. production

Best practice for launching user onboarding content is to create it in the editor, test & debug and then deploy to production for the world to see.

There're two ways how to do this in Product Fruits. Choose the one that suits your better.

1. Segmentation

Create a segment (let's call it Testers) consisting of users who are gonna be testing your onboarding flows. You can list each email individually or you can segment them by entering the email domain.

create a new segment

Then you restrict the content to be shown to the Testers segment only. For example in the tours editor, choose "Display for" and select the Testers segment.

display tours for user segment

When your tours are ready to be released to everyone, change the targeting to All users or a new custom segment.

2. Copy to another workspace

Create two workspaces - Staging and Production.

Build tours on the staging workspace, where it will be tested & debugged. When you're happy with the result, copy the content to your production workspace.  


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