Published 5/20/2022 by Daniel Musialek

How to filter users who completed onboarding checklist

You built a beautiful onboarding flow. Now you're curious which users completed onboarding checklist or viewed welcome tour.

Open your Product Fruits administration and go to Tracked users section.

Tracked users

In the Filter users who dropdown select the touchpoint. For example announcements. Then choose which particular announcement you'd like to get the user stats for.

Filter users who read announcement

You can also look at it the other way around. Select a particular user and on their timeline you'll see what they engaged with.

User onboarding timeline

Typical use cases include scoring users to create high and low engagement segments or creating activity-based segments. For example users signing up yesterday & skipping the onboarding tour.

Filtering options include:

  • Completed onboarding checklist
  • Dismissed onboarding checklist
  • Finished product tour
  • Skipped product tour
  • Read an announcement

Power tip🚀🚀🚀

If you use HubSpot (any of the sales plans will do) stream onboarding activity log to contact's timeline.

You'll know in real-time when a user finishes tour, skips it, gives a high score on feature adoption meter etc.. Then you can trigger personalised HubSpot workflows for different user segments.


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