Published 9/8/2022 by Daniel Musialek

Why you'd want to hire a user onboarding expert

Don't know where to start with user onboarding? Request help from one of our implementation partners!

Hire a user onboarding expert

We realize that creating impactful user onboarding isn't easy. Even when one has the best tools at their disposal.

What a lot of businesses struggle with is creating the content. While they have a vision for what the user should do post sign-up, it's the execution details that are hard to get right first time around.  

How long should a welcome tour be? Do I use tooltips or beacons? Is overview better than a deep dive in a killer feature? How many times to show onboarding checklist before the user gets annoyed?

The answer to these questions is it depends. Every product is unique and so are its onboarding needs. That's why we teamed up with agencies experienced in product adoption implementation and are making this resource available to you.

You'll find it useful when you

  • aren't sure what's the best strategy to onboard users
  • don't know where to start with user onboarding
  • seek an audit of your existing product adoption flows
  • want to tune up your user onboarding

Learn more here about the programe. If you think you might benefit from a consultation with one of our implementation partners, hit the Contact button or reach out to us on chat.


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