Published 5/4/2022 by Karel Papik

Are users cancelling your tours?

You created beautiful product tours. But users are cancelling them. You look into the Product Fruits analytics and start to panic. Don't. Read this instead.

The common problem with tours is that some of the users cancel them, mostly because they are too eager to start palying with your application.

When you check Product Fruits analytics you can see that (OMG) 70% of users are canceling a tour. What does it exactly mean?

At a first glance, one would say these users simply didn't consume the tour, it failed. But is that the truth? Maybe these users followed almost the entire tour, they just didn't make it to the very last card.

In 90% of cases, the reason for canceling a tour is, that it is too long.

If you really need a long tour, consider cutting it into shorter chunks that form a logical sequence. We call these chunks "minitours". A minitour typically consists of no more than 3 cards. If a user cancels such minitour, they can still continue with the next one.


1. The user can continue the tour sequence even if a part of it was cancelled.

2. Your analytics will provide you with better visibility as each minitour is monitored separately.


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